Covid-19 Announcement

Thank you for your continued co-operation in keeping our Customers, Community and Staff safe during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.



Heaslip Ford’s Service Department -Vehicle Pick Up & Delivery Process

The Service Department will communicate with you regarding your vehicle keys and whether or not your vehicle is equipped with keyless entry (push button start)

  1. Our Driver will ensure that they are equipped with the proper PPE (apply gloves and a mask)
  2. If you are present during the delivery, we will be sure to adhere to the current social distancing rules by keeping 6 feet or 2 meters apart.
  3. Our Driver will then leave a vehicle in your driveway (NOT TO BE DRIVEN) and will take your vehicle back to the Dealership.
  4. Our Service Department will then disinfect all interior/exterior ‘touch points’ with Lysol (or other disinfectant), i.e.: steering wheel, shifter, door handle, etc. and apply a seat and steering wheel cover. Once the Service work has been completed, we will ensure that the vehicle is disinfected again prior to being returned to you with your paperwork.

We recommend that you take advantage of our Remote Payment options