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From charging at home or on the road, to finding the right EV charging solutions for your lifestyle, learn all you need to know about charging your Ford EV.

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How do I install a Ford Charge Station Pro?

You should not attempt to install a Ford Charge Station Pro (80 Amp) or Ford Connected Charge Station (48 Amp) yourself. It requires the expertise of a professional who can assess the available capacity in your electrical panel and conduct the installation correctly and safely, ensuring your electric vehicle continues to run as it should.

Visit the Qmerit website to start the online installation services survey to determine your possible installation options, or use a local licensed electrician and reference the Installation Guide for the Ford Charge Station Pro.

For questions regarding:

  • The purchase and delivery of a Ford charge station, please contact the Ford Charging Headquarters at 888-337-9001 or support@fordcharging.ca.
  • The installation of a Ford charge station, please contact Qmerit at 888-277-2270.
  • The post-purchase experience or any other questions, please contact our Customer Relationship Centre at 800-565-3673.


Check with your utility provider to determine if there are any incentives for installing a Ford charge station. You can also visit Chargehub.com for more information about incentives across Canada.

How can I prepare my Ford electric vehicle for long-term storage?

If you plan on storing your Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) for more than 30 days, follow the recommendations below to make sure your vehicle stays in good operating condition.


  • Store your vehicle in a dry, ventilated area.
  • Protect from sunlight, if possible.
  • If your vehicle is stored outside, it will require regular maintenance to protect against rust and damage.

Battery Systems

  • Maintain the high voltage (HV) battery state of charge at approximately 50%.
  • Once achieved, disconnect the 12-volt (12V) battery to reduce system loads on the HV battery. Note: Before disconnecting, be sure to have your key fob and access to a copy of your Owner’s Manual outside of the vehicle.
    • Once you have disconnected 12V power, you will not be able to lock or unlock with the key fob or Phone As A Key.
    • If the vehicle is in a locked garage, it will be easiest to leave the front trunk open for easy access to the 12V battery when you return.
    • If you are unable to leave the front trunk open, you will need another 12V source to get into the front trunk to reconnect the 12V battery. Follow the instructions here or refer to your Owner’s Manual under the Jump Starting the Vehicle section.


  • Before storing your vehicle, wash it thoroughly to remove dirt, grease, oil, tar, or mud from exterior surfaces, rear-wheel housing and the underside of front fenders.
  • Periodically wash your vehicle if it is stored in an exposed location.
  • Touch up exposed or primed metal to prevent rust.
  • Cover chrome and stainless steel parts with a thick coat of auto wax to prevent discoloration. Re-wax as necessary when you wash your vehicle.
  • Lubricate all hood, door and luggage compartment hinges, and latches with light grade oil.
  • Cover interior trim to prevent fading.
  • Keep all rubber parts free from oil and solvents.

Brakes & Tires

  • Make sure your vehicle’s brakes and parking brake release fully.
  • Maintain your vehicle’s recommended tire air pressure. 


  • Make sure all linkages, cables, levers, and pins under your vehicle are covered with grease to prevent rust.
  • Try to move your vehicle at least 7.5 m (25 ft) every 15 days to lubricate working parts and prevent corrosion.

How can I prepare my Ford electric vehicle for short-term storage?

If you are going on a business trip or vacation and need to park your Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) for a week or two (under 30 days), follow the recommendations below to make sure your vehicle stays in good operating condition.


  • Store your vehicle in a dry, ventilated area.
  • Protect from sunlight, if possible.

Charging & Battery Systems

  • Charge your high voltage battery to approximately 90%.
  • Once achieved, disconnect your vehicle and keep it disconnected for the remainder of the time in storage. 

How do I adjust the charging current of my Ford Connected Charge Station?

You can adjust the charging current of your Ford Connected Charge Station using the FordPass®* App to help reduce overall energy usage. 

Note: Reducing your charge current impacts how long your vehicle takes to reach your desired charge level.

  1. Log in to the FordPass App.
  2. Tap Account.
  3. Select Charge Station.
  4. Tap SETTINGS to expand the area.
  5.  Use the slider to adjust the MAX CHARGE CURRENT

How do I set up or change my Ford Electric Vehicle charging schedule?

You can set up scheduled charging using SYNC®* 4 or the FordPass® App. Scheduled charging is recommended because it maximizes your battery range by using energy from the charger (rather than your battery) to achieve your in-cabin comfort settings before you hit the road.

It also enables you to take advantage of potentially lower-cost electricity rates if you are using a Time of Use (TOU) utility plan and set an upper limit for charging your battery.

Control Charging Schedule on the SYNC 4 Display

To view or edit your charge settings:

  1. Press Applications on your vehicle’s SYNC screen.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press Charge to view, edit, or set your charging preferences.

Control Charging Schedule in the FordPass App

To view or edit your charge settings:

  1. Press the Vehicle icon on the lower left side of the FordPass App.
  2. Press Manage EV.
  3. Press Manage Charging.
  4. Press Charge Settings.

Control Electric Vehicle Charging Features Remotely
The FordPass App allows you to remotely control vehicle charging features, including:

  • Monitor and manage your vehicle’s charging, including charge schedules and preferences.
  • Locate a charge station and activate it on the Blue Oval™ Charging Network.
  • Plan a trip and charging options along your route with the FordPass App Power My Trip feature.
  • Check charging station plug availability, activate a charge station, and pay for a charge session.
  • Initiate a charge session automatically at Plug & Charge-capable charge stations.
  • Control your Ford Connected Charge Station remotely.

Where can I download the manual for my Ford charge station?

Manuals for the 48 amp (A) Ford Connected Charge Station and the 80A Ford Charge Station Pro provide information about the smart technologies, features, and specifications of your home charging setup.

Download the owner’s manual for your Ford charge station by selecting the version below:

Ford Connected Charge Station Owner's Manual
Ford Charge Station Pro Installation & Owner's Manual

Visit the Ford of Canada Charging website to learn more about the charging options available for your electric vehicle.